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Ace Arcade in London, Ontario.

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There used to be a place in downtown London named "Ace Arcade" containing pool tables, video games, and the like, frequented by young adults that had a reputation for crime, bad behaviour, and so on. When it first opened in the mid-'80's London's downtown businesses and many residents took it as the First Sign of the Coming of the Apocalypse and that Ace Arcade would destroy the downtown area. However, the downtown decay happened all by itself and the Ace Arcade continued in existence until early this year when it was closed down for the usual bankruptcy reasons: non-payment of rent and such other calamities. In any case, the picture above is of the boarded up façade. The last couple of years had seen some sort of Egyptian motif for some reason as the pictures demonstrate.

I hope during the week to get better shots of the interior. They have a rusty bin in place where they're throwing out the Arcade's innards. I couldn't get past the boards but I did get a few photos by squeezing the photo between them and over top of them. During the past week they had the boards removed and the interior was more visible while they were throwing things out. If they do so again this week I hope to get more pictures better than those below.
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