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The death of the Adelphi. Chicago, IL. Last Sunday.

No matter how hard they tried, the last guys in there were just prolonging the inevitable.

Even though the neighborhoods to the north and east are rapidly gentrifying, the world has moved on.
Unfortunately the Adelphi was left behind decades ago.

I made a previous series of posts on the Adelphi.
My first posts were in September of 2004. Here and here.

A little birdy told me that the Adelphi was in her final death throes. So I went to document.

The full set can be found on my personal LJ.

Her back end has been knocked in my the wrecking ball. The brick reclaimation guys have their work cut out for them.

From the outside.

From the inside.

A far cry from her original auditorium.

Pieces of her proscenium. Lying on the ground, with the fresh snow blowing in on them.

It's almost obscene to view these pieces of her former glory, in a condition that brings me to tears.

Like a wounded beast trying to crawl off the a dark corner where it might evade detection.

Oh crap! Evil pigeons of doom!

Look at their eyes! And their evil sharp beaks. They're going to swoop down at any second and latch into my hair and peck out my eyes!

Moving onto the other rooms that were built in when the old lobby was destroyed. Yes, the old lobby was destroyed (in the 40's I believe) and they dropped about 10 rooms into the space that was once a soaring lobby.

The hallway that separates the projection booth from the dropped in rooms. In the upper left hand corner of the picture you can see the remains of the original plaster trim from the old lobby ceiling.

Old bathtub...nowhere near a drain or anything.

More leftovers from the original lobby.

Just so ..... random.


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