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Des Plaines Theater. Des Plaines, Illinois. A few miles outside of Chicago city limits.

On 12/10/05 Brian gave us a little tour of the Des Plaines Theater.

As the snow softly fell, muffling the sounds of the city, we all saw the theater through different eyes.

A lot of these pictures were actually taken by midnightmadness, as I was shooting with 35mm for most of the time.
I will make a notation next to each description to show if it was my shot or his.

Detail of some of the original terra cotta detail along the balcony railing. (sarah)

Close up detail of the exit door. At some point they covered up everything with black paint. (jefF)

View of the plasterwork at stage left. (sarah)

And another looking up higher towards the arch. (sarah)

Closer of the stage right. (sarah)

Creepy toilet in a closet like room. (jefF)

The old loft above the backstage area. Brian says that the shardowy things we see up there are old set pieces, just left to moulder away.
At this point, the wood is probably so dry rotted that it wouldn't be safe to venture out there to retrieve them. (sarah)

I was fascinated with the old pulleys being moored down to the railing of the third level. (sarah)

I thought about climbing up to the old storage loft.
The rush of adrenaline, seeing things that hadn't seen the light of day in 70 years, called me. (sarah)

The ladder looked reasonably secure. (sarah)

The decorative bays that used to have curtains in them were covered over, but not demolished. (jefF)

Heading down into the basement. (jefF)

I'm going to leave you here with this.
I will post the rest of them tomorrow.
I think this is probably enough pictures to put up in one post anyways.

If you have any interest in viewing my entire set, you can find them here on my personal livejournal.

Thanks Brian!


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