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South Baghdad

I find it somewhat amusing that there aren't any pictures of war zones on this community. Can't get more urban decay than that. Or except maybe ancient ruins. So here's some pictures of both.

The Ruins The Ruins

This is my morning view. I was going to Photoshop out the dish but I'm lazy. It might have been better if I had the whole dish in the picture, the whole ages thing and all. Six hours a day, every day for over a month....
Kish Kish

This once upon a time was a suburb of what was a really big city. You can see what was "downtown" way off in the distance from the "hill." Complete with sacrifical tower of dirt.
Al Rasheed 1 Al Rasheed 1

I got to make a very dangerous trip up to Baghdad in vehicles that aren't supposed to go north of the "first" Checkpoint. It was exciting. This is the Al Rasheed neighborhood of Baghdad.
Al Rasheed 2 Al Rasheed 2

More of Al Rasheed.
Al Rasheed 3 Al Rasheed 3

It just goes on and on, miles of this shit.
Al Rasheed 4 Al Rasheed 4

This is what the road looks like often when we roll down it. And you know what we do when the cars are like this? We go right through them. The roads belong to us.
Al Rasheed 5 Al Rasheed 5

These people can't drive worth a damn.
Al Rahseed 6 Al Rahseed 6

Most of the young men in Iraq don't have jobs. You hear about the bombs blowing up lines of people applying for police or national guard work, because that's all there is.
Al Rasheed 7 Al Rasheed 7

The Third World huh?
Al Rasheed 8 Al Rasheed 8

Baghdad is a very, very poor city. I've seen a lot of the Third World, but the cities in Iraq go beyond that.


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