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Des Plaines Theater final set.

The Des Plaines Theater is a theater that desperately needs some help to survive.

So last we left our heroes, they were about to enter the basement through the giant heavy door.

I know you're all used to seeing pictures from me of theaters that are in their death throes, but this theater is a viable theater that is in a lot of danger and really desreves to be saved.
This little corner of Des Plaines has been invigorated in ways that a lot of people could have never imagined. While that's great, that also means that the condo vultures are waiting.

These pictures were taken by myself and midnightmadness.
Where appropriate, I have labeled them as either jefF or sarah to reflect which one of us took the shot.
Most of my shots were taken with a Canon Eos Rebel 2000 35MM SLR, so I'm waiting for them to be developed and then will scan them in.

June-Aire indeed. I wish I had some June-Aire, I'm getting really tired of this January-Aire here in Chicago. (jefF)

Bricked up hole in the wall. (jefF)

This is the door into the old orchestra pit. Apparently it was filled up with dirt and then entombed in concrete. I half-joked that this is where the bodies were put. It's pretty creepy to fillsomething in with dirt and then entomb it with concrete, dom't you think? (sarah)

All the old original heavy letters. (jefF)

The bank of what I think are the air conditioners for the theater. If I remember correctly, that's what they are. (jefF)

I wonder how much longer there will be hot water in the bathrooms? (jefF)

I've got a thing for gauges. More on my personal LJ if you like gauges too.

? (jefF)

Behind some of the tiles fallling off the original paint job is being revealed.

Goodbye sky blue archway! I have to go home soon. (sarah)


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