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Tennyson Power Station, Brisbane, Australia.

Tennyson Power Station from across the river - the only way I'd seen it before
Apologies for the thumbnail, but people hotlinking to the image killed my bandwidth.

The main entrance. The gate house sure didn't look occupied.

This is the entrance to the old power station, behind tall gates on the western side. We hung about out there for a few minutes, looking around. The gate-house appeared abandoned and we saw no sign of movement. Later we were to lean that the security woman and her psycho dog were it's occupants.

Still behind the fence on the western side, but right near a well-used gap in the fence. So well used, in fact, that a clear path was worn. The building was beckoning so we went on in.

Walking around the back or the building, there's a heap of caged areas not within the building proper. Lots of pipes to nowhere and empty space, along with this staircase to somewhere.

Looking west from the east.

Around the back now to the eastern side of the plant. Another fence in front of me gave view of a few vehicles parked on the other side. We were not so alone after all.

An old light switch on one of the empty old pump-houses on the northern side, along the river. Walking along here we heard what sounded like movement inside. Kids, we thought, before making our way back towards the gap in the fence. It was then that I spotted the open door and we made our way inside.

We entered into the old canteen/lunch room. It's a crap photo but I wanted to show the lovely decor.

Beyond there we discovered a meeting room and some bathrooms and change rooms, as well as a marked live 3-phase cable. We heard what sounded like kids yelling, but could have been anything, the way the whole place echoed, and then I let go of a door that surprisingly slammed behind us. The slam is what gave us away and we were called out be security and the rest is history. By the well worn state of the path, there are some regular visitors. Brave souls - the psycho guard dog was too much for me.

The place is still standing, I think, though it was due to be demolished last year. I'm glad we went in, but disappointed we didn't make it into main power-generating area.
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