Andy (monotonehell) wrote in urban_decay,

Went for a walk today...

I have a load of work to do at home, so naturally I went for a walk all afternoon.

Some stencilers go to a lot of trouble.

There was an artist in town a few years ago who glued hundreds of toy cars to the side of a wall. It is impressive.

Can't make out the name above but this old building (early 1900s?) still bears the Family Drapery Store's old painted sign.

I can't work out if these faces were on the internal walls of this building before it was knocked down or not. There's certainly extra tags and spray art on top of them now.

This used to be a pocket park in the city, the council pulled out most of the plants, paved over the grass and turned off the fountain. they also commissioned some art for the fence. So now it's a urinal and trash can for homeless people. Later the council installed one of those water drinking fountains that no one knows what it is next to it.

This old wall is just off a main street. I guess they only painted the new facade.

Old cottage that somehow survived all the development either side of it. Looks like a total anachronism in between the modern buildings (sorry couldn't get them in shot).

All photos taken within the Adelaide CBD square mile, South Australia.

(Reposted as the first time I forgot to put in the urls for the pics - sposed to be a web designer how dumb am I? LOL)
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