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Paved Paradise - A Wal-Mart negligence photo essay

"Quite simply, protecting our environment is simply the right thing to do."
~Mike Duke, executive vice president and chief executive officer of Wal-Mart USA

Before being transformed into a six-acre parking lot and shopping center, which now lies abandoned, this area used to be a thriving tree farm. It was shut down in order to build a nine-acre Wal-Mart Super Center just a block away on the same former tree farm. Water contamination and soil erosion now plague the area.

"We believe that one of the keys to success is our people and how we treat them. Simply put, we treat our associates and suppliers with respect."
~ Wal-Mart, People

Where are the Associates and customers of this community? Many are at the brand new Wal-Mart Super Center across the street. The other children and families of the local community are boarding up the windows of what used to be their family-owned stores and are looking for jobs at factories and farms, which will soon be shut down by Wal-Mart's pricing demands.

"We believe that we should be able to conduct business in such a way that we generate no net waste. As a cost-conscious retailer we have always worked hard to reduce waste (...) We are moving toward our goal by recycling more materials, by refining our production and distribution systems so that we create less trash"
~ Wal-Mart, Waste

There's about ninety more shopping carts like this pile left behind outside, and at least another hundred still inside the building. When asked why they aren't being reused at the new Wal-Mart Super Center across the street, the manager said "Then our carts wouldn't match. The old one's are grey, ours are blue." Also, the neglected building has deterred customers from neighboring businesses, and three of them have either closed or moved, making a grand total of 10 acres of vacant buildings and parking space. Not a waste at all.

"Quality goods at low prices, responsible manufacturing, and opportunities for growth. We're dedicated to excellence in every part of our business."
~ Wal-Mart, Our Company

Is anybody not seeing the irony here?

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