Berk (alauddin) wrote in urban_decay,

Gunkajima (Warship)

The forsaken city on island Gankajima in Pacific ocean. The island is populated in 1810 when there have found coal. Within 50 years it became the most populated island in the world (on a parity of a land and quantity of inhabitants on it) - 5300 person at radius of the island - 1 mile! By 1974 when last inhabitants have left island in view of the run low minerals

The city has turned to a phantom, one of its former inhabitants with the camera there has gone. It also has removed this tremendous staff

Constructions of the island reminds the warship. (Gunkajima) in translation with Japanese means a cruiser.

Unreal island

To arrange there full legalize & the-world center of preparation and training DOOMers, Quakers, Half-lifers, counter-strikers and Far-cryers in real, having declared itself with free island smokers island Warship-Gandjakima where and to arrange a constant residence. The flag of island is thought already up by me and is a green panel, with the red Japanese Sun in the center and red beams on which background the silhouette of island-cruiser from which all pipes rushes brings down a smoke. Except for that to invite traceurs and And others extremal sportsmen that the complex between shooting did not stand idle - let to itself cash and train how many will get, having signed a document, that if that to itself will beat off - fathers of island there is nothing. Cash will quickly beat off on tourism and everyones there filming for Fort Bayard here and a number did not stand. Besides can and will carry to dig in the thrown mines up to mithril when dongeons it is necessary to deepen for storage earned:)
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