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Community rules updated...

Effective immediately, the community rules have been slightly updated. The only major difference is (other than the order some are listed in) the outside lj-cut restrictions.

Due to the image intensive nature of this community, we ask that all photos posted outside a lj-cut tag be no more than 650 pixels wide, and that there be no more than two photos outside a lj-cut per post.

I am not asking anyone to go back and edit prior posts (though you can if you desire), but I do expect that all future posts to this community will note this difference. I have been approving posts for a while now that feature images that are 640 pixels wide, though the community info still had 600 listed as the maximum due to a lack of time to update the rules.

This update has nothing to do with anything that may have been posted here within the last 24 hours, it's been in the works for a while, but as already mentioned, I haven't had time to actually do it.

I am considering adding one or two additional moderators to this community as well. If you have prior experience moderating a community and are interested, please contact me via email with your lj username, experience, and why you should be considered for a moderating position.
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