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Atlanta Decay

This photo was taken (with my camera phone!) from the platform of the Georgia State MARTA station.

In the past, I've had LOTS of trouble getting away with snapping shots on MARTA, but this was ok.

I think I took it right after I finished taking the LSAT. =)

This one is also from Atlanta, and also taken with my camera phone.
As I parked to go to an appointment, I saw that the parking deck was next to the remnants of the foundation of another building.

It was overgrown with weeds and kudzu, this is the south, after all. But peeking out between the folliage were small concrete pillars and lots of exposed rebar, which my trip to Burning Man taught me all about...

But the most fascinating part was this semistagnant canal-like waterway complete with rusted I-beams and all.

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