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Cranes - Leith Docks, Edinburgh UK

Images link to 1000 pixel wide versions.

Series of shots of dock side cranes in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2006.

Much of the land in this area of Leith has been bought for redevelopment into commercial and residential property - however areas remain that are still in decay or must not be cost effective to work on (yet).
To the left hand side of these cranes a new casino has been built, but no one has bought the land where 'they' have managed to roll the three dockside cranes - so they remain, static and rotting - an odd reminder of what that land was originally used for, next to the decidedly white-collar or black-collar invaders.
I have no idea what the massive Thunderbird-esque crane in the last shot was used for; next time i am down that way, I will try and get across to the other side of that particular area.

ThunderBird 9 !!

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