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Decay in the Holme Valley

These photos are from a mill in Holmbridge, near Holmfirth. What annoys me is that I couldn't get across the below ledge and inside.

Those were taken at an abandoned hamlet above Holmfirth, strangely called Magnum. It was largely abandoned at the turn of the century, except for a hermit who lived there up until the mid 70's. It is one of the only abandoned group of houses that is not being done up. I liked the inside the farm, but only one photo I took of the interior is good enough (above), but even that is pretty crap.

Above is an abandoned paint mill, hidden from most places by trees. I tried to get inside, but local residents saw me...

This is an old, mini supermarket in the centre of the town. It's been closed for the past 7 years since the local Co-op opened. It was built in the 70's, but soon lost business, simply because it was shite. It's been broken into many a time.

All photos taken in and around Holmfirth and the Holme Valley, UK

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