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Today my fiancee and I wound up in Paris, Ky at the old TB hospital. Holy defunct goodness Batman. I'd been there at night before but wow.

This is how the TB hospital looked in the 50's when it opened.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I constructed a crude "panoramic" view of the grounds for you today.

Image hosting by Photobucket

And there are

This picture is crooked because I took it from the car. whoops.

a few more exterior shots.

Sadly we couldn't go in. All the doors are chained closed...but even that wouldn't have kept me out. What kept me out was the fact that the detention center sits about 500 feet away and I didn't feel the need to get arrested on Easter Sunday before dinner ;). However, we've found online that people have gotten permission to go in and we're going to work on that this week.

We did get some fairly neat shots through doors and windows though. They follow.

Let me pause for a moment here to say that I think I over compensated for yesterday for too large pictures I posted in my journal by making these a hair too small. Sorry bout that. More hospital guts.

"Keep these doors closed". I don't think the ghosts and teenagers are listening.

These "shutters" and every one like them on the building kept opening and closing and creaking and groaning. It was eerie and awesome. lol.

We went to investigate what we believe to be the maintainence shed directly behind the hospital. You can't see it in the panoramic.

There wasn't much of interest inside. Some old paint...

From the shed, the back of the hospital.

Another side door. What can we see from here?

Why a recliner of course. Why not?

And a door into a side hallway.

The hospital above the door. All those shutters, swinging and creaking. Tee-hee.

Back in the days before security systems that detected fire without someone having to hear the bell.

The view from the front door shows the recliner from the other side, and mattresses. And cans and cans of Friskies and Alpo. Weird.

Another building further behind the maintainence shed...we of course investigate....

Oh no. I better turn around and go then....

But yeah. So we get up to the building and from the front I'm a little disspointed to see it filled with hay and a couple of old hospital beds and random crap.

But I realize that this building is large and the two rooms you can see from the front can't be all there is to it. So we make our way toward the back, but on the way I snap a few more pictures. This is the main door to the building. I don't know how long the TB hospital has been closed but the tree that is growing directly in front of the door gives me a hunch that it's been a while...

Buried behind trees and brush we find a really old gas pump. I love old stuff. So I dig my way back to get a picture....

...and notice how much gas was when this fella went out of commission...

That's right. 35 1/2 cents. Le sigh.

Around the side/back we find what looks like an old loading dock that leads up to three sets of double doors...

peering through the double doors we find the boiler room...and I don't know if anyone else will find this as fabulous as me but I thought it was pretty damn cool...

I snapped a few pictures of that but that's the gist of it. The rest are sort of dark and dark mixed with too small makes a bad mix.

So we'll head back to the other buildings. Here's the panorama for reference again...

The first house/office we're going to look at is the one furthest to the left, away from the road.

The view through the only window that was accessible.

Stairs to the basement...

Back door. Sorry for the blur.

The first house wasn't very interesting. So we'll move on to the second, the one closest to the road.

This is the side, covered with ivy. Don't mind Nathan. He's a goob.

If you look through that side door, you can see into the basement.

Fire escape...and Nathan again.

That picture freaked me out a little at first. If you look to the left in between the ivy next to the escape you see red and white and at a first glance it looks a bit like a person. Then you realize that your imagination is playing tricks on you and it's just the paint peeling from the red fire escape. But it can be a little jolting. Moving on...

This door to the basement was open. But again...Detention Center. Dammit.

Nate climbed the fire escape and took these pictures through the doors. 2nd floor.

3rd floor door to the left...

3rd floor door straight ahead...a kitchen...leading me to believe this wasn't a house but an office. You'll have to look past the glare to see the stove, fridge, etc.

From the side.

Sometimes these buildings look like they haven't been used for years and sometimes they look almost new...case in point.

It's all about what angle that you're facing I guess. We found a wheelchair lift. Very neat.

Through a basement window directly beside the lift...

And that's it for now. Like I said, we're going to try and get permission to go in. I'll keep you updated.

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