Hazel (hazeln) wrote in urban_decay,

Abandoned around college

These pictures were taken around a college for people aged 16 and over that is very much in use but parts of the site are almost abandoned. I think it was built in the 1970s as a school for ages 11-18, in about 1989 was converted into a college and is now part of Northampton college

Overgrown shed in one corner of the site that I think is something to do with gas.

The next pictures are of what was once the school playground. Apart from cutting the grass around it it has been pretty much abandoned and left to deteriorate since the building was changed to a college.

Surprisingly well kept steps up to the playground. I think these must have been repaired as I remember them being in a much worse state in the past.

Rather crooked rugby post that has lost its mate. I had to take this from a distance as there was children's football going on nearby.

I'm not sure what this was once used for but perhaps cricket.

Broken seats in a forgotten corner of the site.

Long jump pit in the foreground and run down tennis courts.

I don't know what this was once used for.

Gate that hasn't been shut in years.

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