SmoothTom (smoothtom) wrote in urban_decay,

Sunday drive to Bucyrus, Ohio

Because gasoline just isn't expensive enough for me, I decided to take a couple hours driving around central Ohio. I focused my energies on the back roads of Morrow and Crawford counties, winding up in Bucyrus before driving the Lincoln Highway to Mansfield. And (no surprises here) I found some decay in Bucyrus...

An old mailbox on the front of an old--but still operating--furniture store.

The Bucyrus Theater

More of the Bucyrus Theater.

Still more of the Bucyrus Theater.

Check out those deco plates.

At the side of the Bucyrus Theater

What's that? Doesn't look decayed, you say? Yes, the flowers, trees, trimmed grass, and light fixture are nice touches. But look closer, between the trees. See it? "Cash Land." There are few better indicators of forthcoming decay than the arrival in town of a check cashing place!
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