logan607 (logan607) wrote in urban_decay,

This is a picture from Hsinzhu (Xinzhu) in Taiwan.

It was once a sleepy little farm town that exploded overnight to become Taiwan's Silicon Valley. The small mom&pops quickly gutted their 80+ year old homes and such to capitalize on the boom in any way they could.

One interesting result is this: the Cigarette Girl Booths.

Basically, first floor units are gutted, cleaned, painted and outfitted with storefront glass in the front.

Then young girls are hired to sit in scantily clad outfits and do what they do (this girl was studying for her exams). When a guy in a car wants some cigarettes or something, he pulls up in front of the booth, honks and she comes out with cigarettes or what not for him.

No sex or anything like that, just cigarettes and other legalized drugs.

It's kinda sad but people do what they have to do to get by, I suppose. It's odd because the first floor is always clean (cheesy) and modern while the rest of the building looks like rubbish.

PS - after I took this shot, this bruiser came out to yell at me but we were long gone...
PPS - I was going to not post since I'm really impressed at the quality of the other pics out there but I decided to anyway, in the hopes that someone will see this and post better shots than me (no big feat, I assure you).

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