The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote in urban_decay,
The Piecemeal Man


Lomography set

There's this house in Middleton (Wisconsin)situated right next to the fire department on University, near Cayuga. The city has been trying to buy the land around the department, including this house, in order to expand their training houses and driveway. This house was the hold out until recently.

Apparently, the newest owner has struck a deal with the city. She jas sold the land underneath her house in exchange for the city moving her house up the Parmenter street hill off a branching street. Right, moving the entire house.

Very, very early Tuesday morning the city is going bring the electric and phone companies to raise the power lines on the street. Then the movers are going to drive the house up the Parmenter street hill, turn onto South street, raise more lines, and plop the home on new land.

Pretty damn impressive, really, for this century old house.

Cross processing and lomo effects added in Photoshop.
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