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WANTED - Kirkbride images

Ok, no photos in this one...only a request:

I'm seeking images of Kirkbride buildings...the more out-of-the-way and lesser-known, the better. I've been around the web searching for Kirkbrides and have some nice photos, but I'm seeking ones that aren't featured on the popular sites.

I'm building a calendar and may turn this into a personal research project to document all known Kirkbrides (not sure on the bigger project yet) and I'm looking for images of the following "trademark" aspects of Kirkbrides:

- views of the wings that show the "stair-step" wards that are unique to Kirkbrides
- views of the center Administration tower(s).
- views of unique architectural features specific to one building (cupolas, widows' walks, fancy brickwork, stained glass, etc.)

Please email me OFF LJ ( with the name and state of your submitted Kirkbride(s) and the name I can list for credit. I only ask for such detailed information because I'm going to add a bibliography page and want to properly cite my sources and give credit where credit is due. If this site is protected, not well-known or still in use, I can list the nickname of the building to protect the site (e.g. "Old Main" instead of Northampton). IF YOU ARE NOT THE PHOTOGRAPHER, please indicate that in your email.

If the Kirkbride is still active, especially as a healthcare facility where patient privacy is pinnacle, please indicate this in your post to keep unwanted "tourists" from causing any problems at these locations.

I will accept photos of the interiors, especially unique features, ornate woodwork (mostly only observed in the Administration wing) and other urban exploration or historic images, but will only use them for the larger project IF I decide to do that.

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