casey c. ross (teethandgrass) wrote in urban_decay,
casey c. ross

New Orleans, LA

I just got back from New Orleans about an hour and a half ago. These photos, mostly of the Upper 9th Ward, were taken with my small, not-so-great camera and most were taken out the window of a moving Van on the way to or from houses on cloudy days, which accounts for their overall shittiness. Still, they give an idea of what the city is still like. It's kind of sickening that a year and a half after the storm the poor black districts of the city are still in total ruin while the Garden District and the French Quarter are in great condition and currently being refurbished.

the upper ninth ward a year and a half after the storm:

the cement things you see in front of this wreck are foundations, meaning that there were houses there once but they were swept away during the storm:

a typical street in the upper ninth. all these houses are abandoned.

this house was either in the midst of being gutted or was recently gutted. the piles ouf stuff out front are the debris taken out of the house during gutting. This is a relatively small pile as it doesn't contain any furniture. the blue things in the foreground are Tyvek suits. We had to wear them while gutting because of the presence of toxic mold in most of the houses:

a collapsed roof:

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