Lover. Healer. Fighter. Ink and Angst. (sarahkucera) wrote in urban_decay,
Lover. Healer. Fighter. Ink and Angst.

French Quarter Decay, New Orleans, LA. Taken during the day on Fat Tuesday.

This building is in the far north section of the French Quarter, near to the canal Mississippi River.

This one is a little closer to Bourbon Street, still in the northern section of the French Quarter.
Underneath of it is a store that sells liquor.

This rather ramshackle house was on Bourbon Street, near the gay bars.
I think that the lady with her martini and the house are a perfect match.

I obviously don't know the city well, having never lived there and only visiting it just now, but it seems to me that this is the decay of ages.
This is not the tradgedy of a hurricane blown in nor the ineptitude of FEMA mismanagement.
This is simply the decay of hundreds of years of fetid swamp air prying it's warm fingers into the crumbling bricks of a sinking town.
It was beautiful.
I drive through North Bywater and crossed the Industrial Canal and drove through the Lower Ninth Ward, but those pictures are another story and do not belong in this post.

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