Lover. Healer. Fighter. Ink and Angst. (sarahkucera) wrote in urban_decay,
Lover. Healer. Fighter. Ink and Angst.

New Orleans, taken on 2/21/07.

These three pictures were shot in the neighborhood of New Orleans that I think is called North Bywater.
It is between the French Quarter and the Industrial Canal that if one is to cross over leads into the Lower Ninth Ward.
In this neighborhood the damage and blight become more and more obvious. There are many houses that appear to have been brought up to a minimum state necessary for habitation, and all of the houses that appear to be lived in are also heavily fenced and burglar-barred.
I would venture a guess to say that maybe half of the houses in this neighborhood are habitable at this time, but that is perhaps a generous guess.
The closer one gets to the Industrial Canal, the less of the houses that are fixed up.

The closer you get to the Industrial Canal the further into despair you fall.
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