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Lover. Healer. Fighter. Ink and Angst.

Lower Ninth Ward. New Orleans. Taken 2/21/07.

In a city where the answers are few and far between, the Lower Ninth Ward embodies the depths of the suffering that remain to scar the city to this day.

A very few have been able to rebuild. But for every one that is rebuilt, there are a hundred like her neighbor, standing desolate and empty.
On this day there was silence here. The houses bore the accusations from their blind and boarded up eyes.
There were no busy people rebuilding. No hammers falling, no saws humming. The drizzle closed in and enveloped us here.

Determined to view the Lower Ninth Ward, I felt as if people would view me as a tourister in a graveyard. Common Ground Relief and Rebuilding encourages out of towners to visit the areas of the worst devastation.
I went to bear witness, but not just for my witness, I went to take these pictures to post here so that all of you can bear witness.
I don't have an answer, in fact, I don't even know if any of my preconceived opinions are any longer valid.
It is easy to say "Bulldoze the entire area and just let it be a flood plain." until you have seen it.
There are still too many people suffering for this disaster to be swept out of the eye of the public conscience.
Yet it is hard to feel a sense of urgency over this 18 months after the fact.
And that is where the injustice lies.
That this is going on 18 months and there are no answers yet.
We can split atoms and fly to the moon and yet we can't help people who just want to go home.

Please visit the Common Ground Relief website I have as a link and help if you can.
I think they have the right idea.
There will be no magic help from the government. If NOLA is to rebuild, she is to rebuild on the strength of her own people. Neighbors helping neighbors.
Click here to see if you can help Common Ground to help the people of this city rebuild.

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