Sundog (blkrabbitofinle) wrote in urban_decay,

Wellington, New Zealand.

Hi all, my first post. :)

I'd been wanting to take some photos around my city for a while; I bought a new camera yesterday so snapped a few pics when I took a short walk with my friend earlier. Most of these are around one area of the city, from Ghuznee St to near the top of Willis St. I'm very much an amateur so they're not professional pics or anything, but I thought they were quite nice.

Mostly, a few shots from an alley running between Ghuznee St and Left Bank Arcade.

Sharing a romantic bottle of wine on an old ornate bench.

Ghuznee St entry to alley; faceless art; smashed box; Auckland Burning


Looking towards Left Bank Arcade

Looking towards Ghuznee St, my junkie self

Strange mental gate

A reflection of nature

A fair point

grow kumera catch fish but don't pull down our homes
You don't need to build this road and destroy communities DEFEND Papatunuku... get another JOB! It's never too late
A new bypass was built through the city, and as a result many people were forced to leave their old homes. Aro is a rather tight little community of its own, full of students and hippies. The bypass has been built yet these buildings still stand, sad and old, with their broken windows, peeling paint and silent protests.

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