Carmilla (carmillavoiez) wrote in urban_decay,

Photos with no people

I can understand completely why there were mixed feelings about my photo shoot post. I am sincerely sorry for any offence. My motivation was primarily to keep a promise, I've looked back through LJ posts to November 2006 so it must have been prior to that, but I originally found the Ladysbridge location due to a post a member made here, it enchanted me. I love decayed buildings and to have one like this on my doorstep, :) Anyway I promised to show the shoot photos once I had them. The salesperson in me automatically added the click throughs in case anyone was interested. Maybe I am a little tacky, but hey that's business.

Anyway, to show that I was acting in good faith I am posting what photos I have of the site without people in them as a response to one of the comments to my original post. The first two photos (the technically good ones) are by the same photographer we had at the photoshoot, Gothic Image, the rest, (the not technically good ones) were by me.

More photos behind the cut tag to save your friends pages from distress and no click throughs ;-)

Now mine...

And 3 more that I took which didn't end up as locations for the fashion shoot.

Finally to clear up the argument it was gothic models and gothic fashions we were shooting. And yes I know the red dress isn't a nurses dress but accessorising it in that way was a nod to the location we used, the old mental asylum, so a little tongue in cheek.

This is undoubtedly my favourite photographic group on LJ, it completely rocks, so I hope my apology is accepted by those I offended so I don't have to remain forever lurking in the shadows.
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