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Nothing and Nowhere

It's been a while since I posted here (15 months, in fact).

The old Record Ridgway tool factory on Shepherd Street
So, to the St Vincent's Quarter of Sheffield City Centre, in the UK. An area that, to put it mildly, is in need of a bit of work. Further to the south of this area that is the subject of these photos - and further up the hill - are many new student flats, to the west (over the ring road) are yet more apartments going up, and the same is the case to the east (into the City Centre). In amongst all this decay there are a number of active - but small, in the main - engineering businesses that used to be many more in number.
The long-closed Queens Hotel on Scotland Street
While I was taking these photos, the old Record Ridgway works was being boarded up (many of the windows have been broken recently) on the lower level, and is apparently part of future development plans. Quite what these will be remains to be seen, and it looks as if I had better get moving on recording the rest of the area before it too comes down to morph into something like the remainder of this slowly rejuvenating city.

Click on the photos to get to the rest of them.

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