quintessence ejaculate (urbanwuff) wrote in urban_decay,
quintessence ejaculate

Detroit, Mi, USA - Old Train Station

Alrighty then! So, here's a few shots of our little foray into the
abandoned train station. If you're from the area and at all into urban
exploration, you've either been there or know where it is. On a side
note, this is the same building Michael Bay has used in The Island and
also Transformers.

Still want to know who Eddie is.

These are the lobby, which is where most of the filming has taken

This one is going to get blown up and framed.

Then we started heading upstairs:

Pretty much all the hallways looked like these.

The top two floors had higher ceilings and were wide open instead of

Roof art, including a tasty snack of love.

Views from the roof:

Unfortunately, we went up there to watch the Detroit Fireworks, and we
were interrupted when a large group of moronic kids wandered in too.
Made noise, and sat right on the edge of the roof so the cops down below
could see them. They actually sent some hapless rookie up 20 flights
to kick us out. We hid in a large room safe, still complete with the
heavy door, for about a half hour but still heard the cops above us.
Plans to go back, of course. Also heard stories from some people about
other sights, including a wall thats been tagged by anyone who's done
graf in the D in some underground area. Enjoy!

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