June 12th, 2002

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an abandoned motel outside of wickenburg, arizona on the US 60.
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canon A1 w/28 mm lens
kodak plus-x 125
hand printed

this community sounds like it has the potential to be very cool. i've always had a fascination with abandonment, and lately i find myself turning my cameras on it more and more. i'm definetly looking foreward to seeing cool stuff in here.
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A short introduction...

Both of these were taken in an enormous abandoned brewery complex in St. Paul, MN. It's far more dilapidated than one would expect from a building that has only been abandoned for about 5 years... and the smell in many places is quite a bit less than "pleasant," but overall I absolutely love the place and I'm deeply sad that someday it will be renovated or demolished. I'm hoping it makes the historic register as the original core of buildings was built in around 1860 and a lot of the architecture is extremely grandiose.

Pictures taken with my Canon Rebel XS using the built-in flash and Kodak Gold black and white film. I apologize for the watermarks, but there were some image theft problems recently and it's really the only way to prevent it.

A lightbulb in the caves beneath the brewery (they were used for lagering beer due to their constant temperature of 40-50 degrees before electric refrigeration had been invented)
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Under the freeway

This is a somewhat unwelcoming bench under I-75 just south of Detroit.

(taken with Hewlett/Packard 318xi digital camera)

And by the way my icon is a graffiti image found on one of the other pillars in this same place...

*blah blah blah*, and pictures..

Just a quick hello to all of the new members, and thanks to those of you who have posted pictures...they are all wonderful.

Just a note for everyone:
The subjects of your photos do not have to be strictly urban.
I for one live in a more rural area, so much of what I photograph technically can't be called "urban", but eh...whatever. ^_~
There's a lot of construction going on in my town right now, and I plan to get some pictures of the mess at the various sites. It's not actually decay, but it's great looking anyway, so that kind of stuff is fine to post, too.

Here are a few pictures from Conover Square in Oregon. People from Northern Illinois may have heard of this place.
It is an old piano factory that has been converted into a quaint little shopping area.
The building is quite beautiful from the outside, and there are plenty of oddities inside as well.
Here are a few from last month's excursion there:
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