June 13th, 2002

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I used to be noble ...

Houghton Manor

not strictly urban, the above image was taken about two years ago in Bedfordshire countryside, UK, using a manual camera with bw film. I think the property used to be a country house called Houghton Manor; it's ruins sit on a hill.
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okay, i just joined and as of yet i have no pictures of my own to share, but i just did a random search for abandoned buildings and the first thing i came up with was: http://www.abandoned-buildings.com so i thought i'd share that just in case any of you didn't think to look. ::shrug::

i live in south carolina, not too far from charleston, so i'm hoping to do some picture taking maybe monday. i've always loved those sorts of buildings but it wasn't until today that i even thought to go out and find some to take pictures of. (ye gads!) and here we are always looking for something to do! all i have is a regular camera but i suppose it'll do.

i go now, just wanted to say hi and share the link. bye bye!
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following onnawufei's idea...

Here are a couple links you all might enjoy:

Historic Asylums of America
Old medical facilities are a special love of mine. This place has a huge list of places all over the country...great places to take photos if you live near any of them. :)

Essex Mountain Sanatorium
There are a vast amount of photos here, and a fair amount of info on the place as well. Added bonus: spooky tales from people who used to visit regularly. ^_^

Colin Dutton Photography
He has some wonderful photos from Europe that I like very much. :)

I'm going to try to get out tomorrow and take some photos, provided it doesn't rain. ^^;
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Stanley Greenberg I presume?

I don't have any photos to contribute just yet ...
(the SCAnner is being repaired)
...but connecting to this community reminded me of a book I saw last year... it's a must have for the asthetic Urban Explorer...

Author: Greenberg, Stanley
Title: Invisible New York: The Hidden Infrastructure of the

Description: "This stately and haunting collection of large format black and white photographs reveals the city's hidden and, in many places, crumbling or decrepit infrastructure: a vault beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, once rented to a wine merchant for champagne storage; weed encrusted Nike missile silos adjoining Potter's Field..." New Yorker Honors: One of Salon’s Best Coffee Table Books in 1998

For more you may as well check out these sites:
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session 9

i saw a little ad for it in that historic asylums site, and it reminded me, have any of you guys watched Session 9? it takes place in an old asylum, and they spend the majority of their time in the asylum (Danvers State Hospital) and it's various tunnels and whatnot.

i liked the movie, it was nothing like i'd expected though, and i loved the scenery, of course.

here: http://www.danvers-state-ia.com/index.html is a website about the hospital itself (with lots of pictures!) for anyone who'd like to take a look. i recommend the movie, but i have a notoriously odd taste in movies.
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Submitted links

Here is a list of all the links everyone has submitted so far.
I thought I'd put them all in one post and make it a memory, so new people can access them all quickly and easily from one place.
I should be able to edit this post and add more later, too. :)
If you want to add a link to this list, you can either post it to the community, or email me with it and I will add it.
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Hey everyone
I just joined! I'm pretty new to this photography thing and I'm really excited that someone had this idea for a community. I've always found an odd beauty in things that are decaying and falling appart. My pictures aren't what you might call urban, but they are definately decay! The swing set is in my backyard. It was my favorite thing in the world when I was a kid... it sits in a heap of junk now, but it's still one of my favorite possessions

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For now..

I didn't get out today to do anything I wanted to.
I had one of those "late start" days and lazed around most of the afternoon, playing catch-up on what I should have done last week. u_u
Anyway, here are some more pictures until I actually get off my ass to take the ones I planned for this week.
These are from the photo diary, so those who have looked through it may prefer to skip them. ^^;
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