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June 28th, 2002 - Urban Decay

June 28th, 2002

June 28th, 2002
02:50 am
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Between 1942 and 1945
it was one of the country's largest and most secret bomb-making factories ...

over growing

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01:52 pm
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kay, here goes
i'm going to try to link this one picture (i just paid for my angelfire account and it says i can do this, so this is a test) and if ya'll tell me you can see it i'll post more.

this is the first place we went to, where i took half a role of film *L* and ended up getting a tick on my ass. that was... memorable.

lemme know if you can see it. thanks!!!

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03:48 pm
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more pics
Yay! ::does a little dance:: i can finally post pictures!

okay, i'm alright... and i have a few more.

sorry if this is a bit longCollapse )

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