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July 6th, 2002 - Urban Decay

July 6th, 2002

July 6th, 2002
08:17 pm
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Abandoned Hardee's in Sterling, IL

It's not exactly decaying yet...actually, I was just in Sterling a couple weeks ago and it was still open! Anyway, I thought it was too odd to pass up, so I stopped and snapped a few pics despite the hurry I was in. :)
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11:56 pm
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I'm a big fan of retrofitting...
Although I appreciate renovantions and keeping the integrity of historical buildings, there's something about modernization of old structures that excites me... I love/hate the interuption of Utilities plying through the Victorian asthetic... it all reminds me of a living, growing creature, sprouting veins and organs...
I've read that the sets in Brazil were "designed to look like 'the century was compacted into a single moment', the style being eclectic."
that might be a good way to describe retrofitting...
On that note:
I took these this evening...
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