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July 9th, 2002 - Urban Decay

July 9th, 2002

July 9th, 2002
02:21 am
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the land around our house is divided up really weird. behind it there's a peice of land my parents bought, but beside it, connecting to nothing whatsover, is a peice we still don't own. unfortunately there's a GREAT dog house on that peice of land, and since we don't own it, we don't own the dog house, and i can't paint it. you Silent Hill fans have got to see where i'm going on this. the first thing i thought was "all that needs is a red roof and some blood and it's perfect!" i could even tape a key inside!!! it's been there since we moved in but i never realized how great it was.

i'm going to take some pictures of it regardless though, i just wanted to share my pain.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

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