July 10th, 2002

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for some reason, I'm constantly intrigued by this photo... Maybe it's the upside down bicycle where the telephone should be.. the wheels looking like skeleton eyes of sort.. plus the contrast of the three distinct segments (the black pole, the turquoise booth and the white bricks)...
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Soon to be here

Well...no pics on here yet from me. I have taken some of a few old cars and buildings and I plan on trying to get them onto here as soon as possible. Does anyone know of any sites that will allow remote loading on a free basis?
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The first few are of an old abandoned hotel in the middle of Baton Rouge. According to legend it's haunted but I'm still trying to get into it so I couldn't say for sure. It's all boarded shut and in the middle of the city.
The second batch were all taken in the same place. Some are of some old DeSoto cars (1951 and 1957) that are parked amist rubble and weeds. The other part of this batch is of the collapsed house that the cars were are in front of.