July 14th, 2002

  • abiku

"Welcome to the Hotel [Minnesota]"

I shared a couple of pictures I'd recently taken on an excursion with a friend of mine with the found_objects community, but it was suggested that this community might also be interested in them. You can peek at a few of the pictures I've selected for you behind the <lj-cut> (I chose a few examples that seemed appropriate for the topic of the community, but they're not necessarily my favorites of the bunch). If you want to see the entire "set," you can go here. (They didn't all turn out, but I still think they're fun.)

The pictures were taken inside an abandoned hotel that was originally closed after a fire. We were unable to determine when, exactly, it was closed, but it was probably sometime in the late 80's. (Papers, paperwork, and magazines all ranged in dates from 1982-1994, but most were around 1982 and 1987.)

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