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July 15th, 2002 - Urban Decay

July 15th, 2002

July 15th, 2002
09:51 am
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12:50 pm
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Out of business, broken arms, empty lots

Robot Arm (176kb)
Parking Garage (148kb)
Store Display (564kb - sorry it's huge)
Motel Bar (196kb)
Lucky Drugs (128kb)
Kresge (128kb)

Here are some more photos from Ann Arbor. These were all shot with toy cameras - the tiling effect is a product of using a panorama technique of multiple exposures to compensate for the low resolution and relatively narrow lens angle.

I'm as interested in making something out of what I'm seeing as I am in documenting it - I don't do much straightforward photography, although I love seeing everybody else's work here.

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10:13 pm


abandoned house

I dont know why this house was abandoned...we just found it one day with some of the things still left in there...kind of bizarre really...this is in Mr. Pleasant, Michigan

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