July 30th, 2002

OMGWTFBBQ, it looks just LIKE me!
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In 100 years when almost everything is decaying, will someone make a community for photos of urban renewal?

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Maybe they will just design new constructs to look decayed so they fit in. :D
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the finest in shopping

On a recent roadtrip, eatstoomuchjam, alisgray, and I stopped at an abandoned mall in Illinois. While the town itself was a pretty fine example of urban decay, the mall was more than we could have hoped for. Here are two examples of the mall taken from our approach in the parking lot. The rest of the photos I snapped can be found here.

(ETMJ may post some of his own pictures after he gets them developed... These were just digicam shots I snapped while wandering around.)

mall parking lot

Part of the parking lot and the abandoned mall.

hallway just inside our entrance

Hallway just inside our entrance.