August 3rd, 2002


3-Way Luxfer Prism

This is a follow up to The Leader
We went back to check out more of the details and see if we could find a way in... unfortunately we found none (yet)...
But I did notice this logo on the cool glass foyer floor...

"American 3-Way Luxfer Prism Co."

I love the way they incorporated the number 3 into the design...
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i love lucy boxes

these are known locally as lucy boxes. they're one of those things that are always around you but you never really pay much attention to. then this morning i read this article and immediately jumped in the car and drove around seeking them out. and they're all over the place, wonderful little decaying time capsules right there outside my house. i remember them from when i was a kid, from when i was the right size, and had the right inquiring disposition to notice all sorts of weird street furniture that as adults we pass by unseeing.

they were the electricity junction boxes built for the tram lines that went all over the town. as far as i can work out they're redundant now, replaced in the main by the boring grey municipal boxes that pollute every street corner (go on, have a look for them, they're everywhere!). but for some reason these old boxes haven't been removed. i'm half tempted to start a campaign to have them restored to their former glory or, and i think i like this idea more, to hand them over to local artists or school kids, to decorate as they see fit...

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