August 15th, 2002

florida girls

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ninjer, I am posting this here too. (Originally posted in creativeanarchy) Hope this is appropriate.

Urban Adventure
Urban Exploration

Thanks to the Web, the sport of infiltration -- creeping through abandoned buildings and unused subway tunnels -- is thriving as never before.
By Janelle Brown
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Julia Solis throws dinner parties in the subway tunnels of New York. Wearing period costumes, her guests dine on vegetarian cuisine while high-speed trains clatter by an arm's breadth away. She invites friends to join her for games in the dark damp tunnels beneath abandoned lunatic asylums; she browses crumbling shuttered hospitals and reads the patient records that have been moldering there forgotten for decades.

L.B. Deyo likes to climb the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the night. He uses the bright wash of floodlights to see as he hauls himself up the support cables, hanging onto the guide wires of the suspension bridge for dear life until he reaches the top of the towers. The cars below pass oblivious to the spectacle above them: In New York, Deyo says, most people simply never look up.

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To be quite honest I have been hesitant to join any photography communities as of yet. Not because I am shy about displaying my work, but mostly because I typically find a lack of constructive criticism amongst these communities. I am an amateur photographer extremely interested in learning as much as I possibly can about the medium with the hopes of one day quitting my unfulfilling job to travel the world taking professional pictures for print. Although the usual those pictures are beautiful/ugly comments are always welcome, I am hoping for more professional critiques of my photography. I will not be able to learn if I don’t know the reasoning behind your opinion.

About my photos

They are taken with a digital Canon PowerShot S110. Although I realize that I have limited range with this camera, I am finding it as a nice, relatively inexpensive way to learn some of the basics. None of the images that I will post have been Photoshopped.

Anyway, that is my story and I am sticking to it. All that I ask is, if you are going to tell me that a particular picture sucks or a particular picture is beautiful, tell me WHY. I am a big girl and I assure you I can handle it

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