August 18th, 2002

  • abiku

we all fall down

I think photos of this park may have been posted in this community before (probably nighttime shots by eatstoomuchjam), but since I was out taking random photos today, I thought I'd share these with you.

My shots of Minneapolis' Mill Ruins Park (a current city-work-in-progress).

Full-sized images linked to the "thumbnail" images and are anywhere between 100-200k in size.

springfield brewery, wolverhampton, england...

this is the old springfield brewery in wolverhampton, england, built in th 1870s. as the name suggests it was built on a spring to take advantage of the natural water source for brewing the beer. the company - mitchells and butlers - was long a local independent brewery with pubs all over the midlands (brew XI its most famous beer) until it was bought by bass some time in eighties (i think). the brewery was closed down in the nineties and used for a while as a bass distribution centre but it now lies quiet. the gates (pic 3) have a preservation order on them so any redevelopment of the site will have to incorporate them somehow. as so often with these sites i think the plan is to develop some kind of mixed use residential/retail property...

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