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August 29th, 2002 - Urban Decay

August 29th, 2002

August 29th, 2002
12:34 am
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Pictures from today's wandering...
Abandoned chinese restaurant and more...Collapse )

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12:59 am
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this community is so wonderful!
Hi, I just joined. I'm ali. these were pics I took at work this year

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01:21 pm
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Picture Spree!
I have gone on a picture taking spree of downtown Dallas and surrounding areas. Every day after work, I head out with my camera and wander for an hour or two snapping shots...

....nothing ready yet, I have to weed them down and get them uploaded first, but I'm still here and enjoying everyone's work!

Oh yeah, and more info on decay...

...As Terence Dick notes in an essay on Le Detroit appearing in the debut issue of the photo journal Prefix, "Office buildings decay, vomit brick and mortar, and stare through shattered windows. Houses collapse, crumble away, gutted."...


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