September 17th, 2002

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A couple interesting pictures of the former Motown building in Detroit.
Notice the blue coverings on the lower windows. The windows on the Hitsville USA house are also framed in that color blue.

railroad bridge, Melbourne, FL

graffiti on railroad bridge in Melbourne, FL

A railroad bridge over Crane Creek in Melbourne, FL near the intersect of New Haven Ave. and US-1. I'm not sure if it's used anymore. There's always seemed to be some sort of graffiti on the bridge -- the stuff in this picture is probably from a frat at the Florida Institute of Technology. I figure people have been tagging it for years. Maybe the city cleans it up and someone just inevitably comes back and tags it again; maybe they just spray over what was there before. I wish I'd gotten more pictures of the bridge but next time I'm in Melbourne I will.
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