November 11th, 2002

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These photos were taken at the former Oxford House Of Refuge just outside of Woodstock, Ontario. The building was erected in the early 1890s and was used to house elderly and mildly disturbed people so that they weren't bringing down the image of Woodstock by begging in the streets. The place was run as an asylum would be though it wasn't intended to be one in the first place. Upwards of 600 people died in the building before it closed its doors in 1969. Recently, the structure went on the market to be sold and my buddy's uncle happened to be the real estate agent in charge so he let us in for a few hours one night. The place has been the source of interest on quite a few paranormal sites from my area so I decided to give it closer attention and we did, in fact, have some weird stuff happen to us while we were in there.

The view from inside one of the cells in the basement. This one appeared to be a holding cell as it was fairly spacious. It felt pretty creepy in there.
This short hallway is where the segregation cells are located (they are the doorways on the left). The hall goes back to the window you see and then hooks left for about six feet into a dead end.
This particular room had an old ping pong table in it. I have no idea why but there was a heavy coating of plant clippings on it.
Another of the many rooms in the basement.
Here is one of three staircases leading from the basement to the main floor.
My brother (looking pretty impressed) and Tom (the realtor’s nephew) leading the way into the boiler room. There was a heavy steel door in the boiler room that seemed to be locked from the other side. It was the only part of the place that we didn’t gain access to.
A candid view of the boiler room.
Upon rounding the corner to view this second floor hallway, I saw a shadowy figure walk from a room on the right to another room across the hall.
Someone had tore away the wall into the image of a crucifix in this second floor washroom.
Say hello to senseless vandalism.
A message scrawled on the wall at the base of the stairway to the attic.
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Gasworks, Seattle

I took the following photos yesterday in Seattle, Washington at Gasworks Park, a former oil manufacturing plant which was converted into a public park in the 1970s. The bulk of the remnants of the plant stands imposingly in the center of a large grassy area.

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