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Here are a few quick photos I took of a recently abandoned strip mall sitting in a Toronto suburb, including as much information I can accurately provide on what happened to this poor little mall.

The Pictures

This is as close as I could get to the actual mall as there is a barrier around the place. This restaurant is at the south end of the mall and has been there for as long as I can remember. It looks like they renovated it a couple years ago. I like their windows. They're the nicest in the complex.

This is the south face of the building. As you might be able to read, there were businesses in the basement of the place and the driveway sloped down from the front parking lot to provide access. The restaurant had a mural painted on the side of the building and one of those boards with the interchangable letters for advertising. I think they were like a small sports restaurant, but I can't recall for sure.

A close up of the south side upper apartments. As far as I know, these were offices, not residences like some strip malls have.

A close up of the mural. I can't remember what was in those holes in the green overhang. Perhaps more air conditioners that they actually had time to take with them.

The restaurant again, this time with the blue fence.

The second floor, facing east. I'd like to know how they got up there.

Store facing, somewhere near the middle of the complex. That car rental business sure had some snazzy makes. In the right side of the picture you can see a hairdressing shop. They had a "Thank you for all your business" sign in their window that I could not read. I wanted to, if only because I hoped it had some clues as to when the mall closed.

Near the north end of the complex. It was weird to see all the advertisements for newspapers and such beckoning me foward while I was stuck behind a fence.

This is at the north end. The backlight of the sunset messes up the shot a bit, but you can probably see that the sign is advertising burgers and subs. Despite the decay so near to them, the houses directly surrounding the complex are reasonably well-kept.

The parking lot, the fence, and the strip mall. This will give you an idea of just how far away I was being kept from the actual building.

The Story of Clintwood
Admittedly, I don't know much about the circumstances that led to this mall finding itself abandoned. I don't live here any more and I haven't worked or attended high school here for about 6 years, but when I did I remember this strip mall was reasonably well-used.

This particular mall is located on the border between the former cities of North York and Scarborough, which were recently almalgamated into the City of Toronto. This Google Maps link will show you the mall's location (it will be the long building with the large parking lot to the left of the green address arrow).

To be honest, I never used the mall myself, but I used to go the McDonald's across the street all the time as a child. The McDonald's itself is now also closed, having moved up the street to the busier and recently renovated Parkway Mall.

From what I saw of the area, it looks as though the strip mall was closed only recently (like, in the past 6 months-1 year) and that many tenants simply left some of their store fixtures. The fencing around the building of the cheap, temporary kind and I saw a place where I could have easily snuck in to take better pictures. The only reason I did not was because I didn't have enough time.

On the fence is the name of a demolition company, so I'm guessing they're tearing down the place to build condos or townhouses.


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