March 22nd, 2003



Mmm, another place I can share and post my 'wonderful' digicam pics. :D My friend and I just bought a cheap, $35 digicam last weekend. And it actually takes decent pics. I was very suprised. So I've been carrying it -everywhere- with me, and wandering my town snapping pictures of stuff I've been meaning to take pictures of for years. Woot!

Here's some of the more recent ones. I have -some- of a local hospital that was abandoned, but now it's being fixed up for buisnesses. I was given permission to wander it and snap pics, but I haven't fully explored it yet. So expect some of those when I get some good ones. :D

I apologize for the large pics. :P But I'm onl dial-up, and the load relatively quickly for me, so if it's a problem, just let me know. There's only three pics behind the cut, so I don't think there should be much of a problem. ^_^;

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