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April 2nd, 2003 - Urban Decay

April 2nd, 2003

April 2nd, 2003
03:11 am
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Some useful links:
  Abandoned.ru updated with photos of Unfinished abandoned hospital.

  Lost America Night Photography.

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05:14 am


new York
why do new yorkers act so whimpy ? Its sad really, this underbelly of america became an extension of California. In California they take it seriously, in new york they do the same.

That wasnt always the case, once we were degenerates & uptight assholes. With grim & dirt & sweat & sex & darkness.... a land of pain & erotic neon lights dancing like flames... it's sad, how powerful the dollar is.... ready to grab your ankles for it & sell the soul of a once beautiful city

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01:25 pm
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: french quarter NOLA : abandoned dwelling :

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