May 2nd, 2003

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Photo LJ's?

This is going to be cross posted so I'm sorry for those of you who are getting it twice. I normally don't cross post b/c I know how people hate it, but everyone does bad things sometimes, right?

Anywho! Does anyone have LJ's simply for their photography? I was thinking of starting one, and much like w/ my "writing" LJ (which is rarely updated so I may just use that for all my creative junk) I would want to only have other photo LJ's on my list. I'm basically asking for 2 reasons. 1.) To find other nifty LJ's like that, and 2.) To see if it's even worth doing. Anyone interested in such things?
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random//my dumb face

Help me out please

Sorry to be such a posty whore but I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my little Urban Exploration site and tell me what they think. First off, I know it's amateurish but I was really going for a no frills, nothing fancy, just show me the damned pictures type thing.

I'm also afraid that the thumbnails are too big but it's hard to make small ones and still have them decent looking. And (last disclaimer) I know there isn't a lot on there now but I have lots to update I'm just lazy. I'm updating now though, so it should be getting better.

Anyway, here's my site: HERE so let me know what you think please. (This isn't a plug, it's a plea for help. *L* I've posted a good amount of these here already anyway.)
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