May 31st, 2003

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Thanks to my idiotic scanner, these pictures came out in poor quality (the sharpness or something is all messed up and it makes them ugly). I'd patch them up, but I haven't reinstalled Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop after reformatting my hard-drive recently, so I don't have any software to fix them. I did put some nice little borders on a few of them in MS paintshop (ohhhhhhh excellent!!). And I was going to scan more, but my scanner was kind enough to get all dysfunctional once again, which I hope is only temporary.

I took this picture at an abandoned insane asylum (not the one I usually visit--I have only been to this place once). I have many more pictures of this place, including pictures of the interior (which holds some really strange stuff) and lots of exterior pictures, but my scanner is a raging asshole, so I can't post them at this point in time. (unfortunately this scan is AWFUL quality, but all of the pictures I'm posting right now are and so this is the last time I am going to mention that..)

This is a pole I saw there. It's an important pole, I'm just not sure why yet.

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