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July 25th, 2003 - Urban Decay

July 25th, 2003

July 25th, 2003
02:54 pm
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boston, ma: fire hydrant

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07:44 pm
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Eastern Airlines Hangar in Miami
Eastern went out of business in 1991. Miami was it's biggest operating airport, and it had one of its largest maintenance facilities. So obviously, when the airline closed down and the airplanes were flown out to the desert to rot, their hangars and executive offices were pretty desolate.

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09:15 pm
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Rochester, MN
I'm torn between posting these images here or in rural_ruin. Since Rochester is in a relatively rural area but isn't itself rural, and since this was in the city proper, I've decided to post here. (I can move the post, if it's deemed off-topic.) All images are links to larger versions.

crumbling garage, engine, and debris

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