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August 4th, 2003 - Urban Decay — LiveJournal

August 4th, 2003

August 4th, 2003
12:11 pm
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friday while i suppose to be studying for a final exam on saturday i went to lunch with my girlfriend and then happened upon the burnt mayflower in buckhead atlanta.
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01:30 pm


pictures by urbanmania
Vienna, Austria.

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03:21 pm
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Lower Manhattan doorway
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04:30 pm
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First post
Whas rummaging through my picture archive, found this and thought to stop lurking and post something myself. Taken a couple of months ago in Wien with a Canon S30.

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06:25 pm


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I took it last Thursday at the Sutro Baths ruins in San Francisco California. I tried posting a different one in photochallenge, but didn't quite get the response I wanted. I think this crowd will enjoy it more.

I took it wih my Olympus DL360 or something like that. I was walking by and the thought of what could be inside the doggy door size hole kinda creeped me out. So as I stood over it, I held my arm down and steady as possible and shot it. I didn't know if there was a troll inside so I wanted to just take it and go.

For more on Sutro Baths

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