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September 14th, 2003 - Urban Decay

September 14th, 2003

September 14th, 2003
10:16 am
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Image Size
To date there has been no "official" policy on maximum image dimensions in this community: the rules as established by the founder stated only: "Please use the cut tag ... for very large or multiple photos."

Communities such as urban_decay are by definition image intensive, and anyone who adds it to their Friends list must expect that download time and bandwidth will increase. However, most LiveJournal styles can't cope individually with entries that exceed the screen resolution of the viewer, and wind up stretching all entries on that page so that the reader has to scroll horizontally to read everything, which is exceedingly annoying.

Therefore, in the interest of universal harmony, I now ask that the largest dimension (most particularly the width) of images displayed on the front page - that is, outside an LJ-cut - be limited to 600 pixels, and for preference be under 100KB (in total - again, outside a cut).

There are times when it is undesirable or not possible to reduce the image dimensions to that limit, in which case please either place all pictures behind a cut or artificially reduce the dimensions, and add a link to the full-sized image. [For myself, I have to say that I find thumbnails next-to-useless: my eyesight's not that great to begin with. Be generous with your preview images.]

If you're not sure how to do this:Collapse )

If you are displaying an image or series of images behind a cut that are unusually large in terms of file size, it would also be appreciated if you could indicate the approximate size (in KB) in the text of the cut, for the particular benefit of those on dial-up.


Phred (Moderator)

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11:55 pm


crusty concrete - bloody ironCollapse )

San Francisco, California

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